February 11, 2013

Moscow's metro MIFARE/RFID chip : Weekend die-shot

Since February 2013 you can find Sitronics-Mikron's RFID chips inside Moscow's metro tickets, instead of NXP ones which were used before.
Mikron chip is 20% smaller. Die size 610x526 µm.

Significant part of chip area is used by passive components:

January 24, 2013

Multiclet MCp0411100101 : Weekend die-shot

Multiclet - basically is a superscalar processor (4-wide at present) with out-of-order execution. 100 Mhz clock, 180nm tech. node, designed in Russia.
Die size - 10.2x10.2 mm.

After metallization etch (warning, high-resolution image might kill your browser):

SRAM cell size - 21.28 µm2. So, each of 16 memory blocks contains 72 Kibit of SRAM. Apparently ECC codes are used (72,64). Total accessible memory - 128 KiB.

Autosynthesized standard cell logic:

Test areas were cut with the crystal (resolution test):

January 20, 2013

OnSemi 74HC595 : Weekend die-shot

ON Semiconductor 74HC595 is a 8-bit shift register (serial-in parallel-out).
That's incredible: 47 years passed since 7400 TTL logic introduction - it is still manufactured and used in new products.

January 20, 2013

PL-2303HX : Weekend die-shot

PL-2303HX is a USB-to-Serial bridge controller, widely used to connect various electronic devices to PC.
Note how wide traces are sectioned so that current does not 'clump up' in the corners.

Die size 5144x3357 µm.

January 10, 2013

1886VE10 : Weekend die-shot

1886ВЕ10 is a rad-hard 8-bit microcontroller (50Mhz), designed by Milandr and manufactured at Mikron (Zelenograd, Russia).
Technology : bulk Si, 180nm with aluminum metalization. Radiation hardening is achieved by using edgeless-transistors and 8T SRAM cells.

Die size 5000x3750 µm.

After metalization etch:

Not much to see using optical microscope:

Bright cylinders are tungsten via's left after etching metalization and ILD:

December 23, 2012

KR580VM80A : Weekend die-shot

KR580VM80A - is an Intel 8080-compatible Soviet processor, which was in manufacturing until mid 90's.
Compared to KR580IK80A die size is 20% smaller, IO section is reworked.

Die size 4634x4164 µm, 5µm technology node.

December 16, 2012

STM32F103VGT6 : Weekend die-shot

STM32F103VGT6 is one of the largest STMicroelectronics's Cortex-M3 microcontrollers.
1Mb of flash and 96kb of SRAM consumes most of it's enormous 5339x5188 µm die.

180nm SRAM scratches the limits of optical microscopy: