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October 17, 2013: Samsung's SuperAMOLED display from Galaxy S4 mini is supposed to have active matrix (i.e. control transistors are on substrate) and integrated touch sensor. Let's take a look: It seems there are at least 2 levels of barely visible interconnect (ITO?).

With few pixels glowing:

Only pixels glowing:

Half-pitch and thinnest lines are 2.5 µm. Diagonal die size is 109 mm :-)
Fri, 20 Mar 15 17:32:14 +0300
<![CDATA[Nordic NRF24L01+ - real vs fake : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.ru/en/read/Nordic-NRF24L01P-SI24R1-real-fake-copy
Genuine: This chip was extracted from "expensive" (~10$) RF module with additional RF amplifier chip:

Die size - 1876x1761 µm, 250nm technology.

Nordic logo on the die:

Compatible/counterfeit: This chip was extracted from "cheap" RF module (<1$):

Die size - 2014x1966 µm, 350nm technology.


Chip marking is similar, though not identical (genuine one on the right):

Fake chip has quite thin marking. Also, text jumps significantly from chip to chip (point stays in place).

Despite there were no functional differences reported (yet), one could expect that 350nm compatible chip will have slightly higher power consumption and slightly lower sensitivity. If only this chip was marked properly (Like SI24R1 - one of compatible chips) as compatible - that would have been totally legitimate business. But currently designers, manufacturers and end users are mis-leaded.]]>
Mon, 23 Feb 15 07:10:05 +0300
<![CDATA[Ti LMC6001 - 25 fA input current opamp : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.ru/en/read/Ti-LMC6001-25fA-input-current

Shot made by Vslav (1801ВМ1@gmail.com). ]]>
Thu, 19 Feb 15 17:10:15 +0300
<![CDATA[Reverse-engineering of KR580VM80A / i8080 is complete!]]> http://zeptobars.ru/en/read/KR580VM80A-intel-i8080-verilog-reverse-engineering KR580VM80A (the most popular CPU in the exUSSR, Intel 8080-compatible) is finally complete. Insane engineer Vslav (1801ВМ1@gmail.com) recovered full schematic in a very short time. After we got annotation and sorted out license (CC-BY-3.0) - it is available for everyone to enjoy.

It appeared that it had exactly 4758 transistors (contrary to rumors of 6000 or 4500).

Layout of KR580VM80A is quite similar though not identical to i8080, but there were no differing (vs i8080) opcodes identified.

Verilog model of KR580VM80A passed tough compatibility test both in simulation and as FPGA replacing actual KR580VM80A in "Specialist" computer.

Download links: Main verilog, Schematic, Full package.

Die annotation:
Mon, 02 Feb 15 11:38:32 +0300
<![CDATA[NXP 74AHC00 : Weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.ru/en/read/NXP-74AHC00
Die size - 944x854 µm.

Update 02.02.2015: We redid this chip with better quality. Original photo (September 2, 2012). Looking at the quality difference gives me a warm feeling, 2.5 years well spent...]]>
Mon, 02 Feb 15 11:17:42 +0300
<![CDATA[MC34063 : Weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.ru/en/read/MC34063

Update 23.01.2015: We've returned to this chip while testing new optical and etching setup. Here is it again with metalization stripped. Original article was published 25.11.2012.

Fri, 23 Jan 15 18:12:33 +0300
<![CDATA[Noname MMBT3904 - npn BJT transistor : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.ru/en/read/Noname-MMBT3904-lift-off-metallization NXP PMST3904, but topology is clearly redrawn. Notice sketchy borders of metalization - apparently they were using lift-off process for metalization instead of plasma etching. But for discrete transistors this might still be acceptable for good yield.

Die size 290x291 µm, which is slightly larger than NXP's one.

Thu, 08 Jan 15 18:12:28 +0300
<![CDATA[NXP MMBT3904 - npn BJT transistor : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.ru/en/read/NXP-MMBT3904-npn-bjt

Thu, 08 Jan 15 04:49:07 +0300
<![CDATA[KR1818VG93 - FDD controller : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.ru/en/read/kr1818vg93-fdd-controller-FDC1793-02 started yet another reverse engineering project of KR1818VG93 - FDD controller manufactured in USSR times. Presumably it has some compatibility/similarity with FDC1793-02 - this will be figured out.

Die size 4817x4794 µm, 6µm NMOS technology.

After stripping metal:

Sun, 21 Dec 14 12:07:13 +0300
<![CDATA[Torex XC6206 - CMOS LDO : weekend die-shot]]> http://zeptobars.ru/en/read/torex-XC6206-ldo-cmos older bipolar ones, which were magnitude larger. 250mA LDO in SOT-23 might be hard to believe at first.

Datasheet mentions "laser trimming" but we see voltage set via mask and 2 fuses for fine tuning. It is possible though that they have common values set in mask (like this 3.3V one) , and rare voltages laser trimmed.

Die size 500x356 µm, 500nm technology.

Etching off metals:

Mon, 17 Nov 14 07:49:41 +0300